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PCSO (Police Constable Support Officer)

PCSO's are uniformed staff that access the community. They help the police tackle antisocial behaviour and offering reassurance to the public. You'll find the PCSO look very similar to the police. They are directed and managed by the police force.

The reason why we have PCSO's are that the public demand has never been greater with opportunities arising from the Government's reform of policing to provide and meet the demand and deliver a service to what the communities expect and deserve.

PCSOs will work within all divisions, although PCSOs are NOT police officers their jobs informs tasks that are undertaken by the police. They can fix penalty notices (e.g littering, riding on a street).

They have the power to confiscate tobacco and alcohol if the user is becoming a nuisance. They also have the power to demand the name and address of the user as well as removing abandoned vehicles. 

The PCSOs were introduced in 2002 to support the police. 

The Cheltenham Drop in works very closely with our PCSO team they come into the Drop In and do talks on bullying and how to keep safe within the community and they work with the Keep Safe Scheme. 
PC Suzy Armstrong regularly visits the Drop In and is our keep safe scheme leader. 

To visit the Police or PCSO Gloucestershire team 
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